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Dem Bones (Weeks 2 & 3, 2023)

Ended Jul 7, 2023

Full course description

The second and third weeks (120 hr) build on the skills covered in week 1 for a total 3-week summer program. The lab methods course is designed for students looking for summer internships or lab-based field schools. The course will cover an intensive review of standard forensic anthropological methods; collecting metrics, estimation methods for age, sex, and ancestry, and identification of skeletal pathology and trauma. The course is designed to aid with research data collection and case report writing.

  • Must have basic osteology/human anatomy knowledge. Ideal for undergraduate and graduate students in forensic anthropology, pathology, and legal medicine.
  • Topics include methods for the estimation of the bioprofile (estimation of age, sex, ancestry, and stature) for the unidentified remains; collecting craniometric points through the use of a 3D MicroScribe digitizer, post-cranial measurements, learn how to identify different mechanisms of injury to bone, skeletal trauma, and skeletal pathology.
  • Students will process human remains, work with the USF Donated Skeletal Collection, work on an independent case study, and complete a final project consisting of a written case report.

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